Care-related infections in community care

In recent years the provision of care in hospitals and other care institutions has shifted towards outpatient care. More and more patients and conditions are being treated through care at home. However, providing health care in the home environment creates specific challenges for care providers, and leads to new risks for patients, especially care-related infections.

Unlike care in hospital, there are few data available on care-related infections in the context of home care. The true scale of the problem is not known. This study, which is being carried out by Sciensano, aims to produce a definition of care-related infections in home care, identifies risk factors and makes recommendations on preventing and fighting infections.

The study consists of three parts:

  • a theoretical part comprising a literature study and in-depth interviews with individuals involved in home care;
  • an online Delphi survey with two rounds, to reach a consensus among experts on the results from the previous steps;
  • an evaluation of all the information gathered in order to develop a standardised framework for preventing and combating care-related infections in home care.

Find the full report below.