Interdisciplinary training

Summer Academy ‘Making the Case for Goal-oriented care’, 5-7 September 2019

This summer academy, which is being held in Leuven, is researching the potential of goal-oriented care. The participants will consider the current situation and analyse promising practices. The aim is to work together to come up with new methods of implementing goal-oriented care, in order to have an approach that is based on the wishes and needs of the people who need care and support.

What does the Fund aim to achieve through the Summer Academy?

  • to work out a shared understanding of the term ‘goal-oriented care’;
  • to illustrate how goal-oriented care is already being implemented in promising practices;
  • to identify the characteristics that make goal-oriented care successful;
  • to carry out research into the skills that professionals and policymakers need for this, with the emphasis on management, governance, information sharing and responsibility.
Goal-oriented care. A shared language and co-creative practice for health and social care’

Goal-Oriented Care takes a pragmatic approach to deal with complex needs. It puts the priorities and life goals of the patients at the center. This helps practitioners to prioritize, and to co-create, with peers and patients, an efficacious and humane path towards living with multiple conditions. Patient, practitioner and the wider health care system are poised to benefit from this.

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